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Help With Paying Your Rent


If you are on a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to cover all or part of your rent.  You do not need to be receiving other benefits to qualify. 

If you receive Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance, you will be entitled to receive Housing Benefit.  If you are working or on any other benefit, if Housing Benefit is paid it is likely that it will not cover your full rent charge.  This means that you will have a rent charge to pay which you can pay either weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly.

In addition to this if your property is deemed to be too large for your needs, for example, a couple in a 2 bedroom home, if you're on housing benefit your benefit will be reduced and you will have a rent charge to pay.


How do I claim?


It is Glasgow City Council, Financial Services Council Tax and Benefit Centre who administer Housing Benefit. They can be contacted by telphone on 0141 287 5050 or claims can be made online.

It is important to put your claim in as quickly as possible as benefit is only paid from the Monday following the date that your claim is made.  Further information (e.g details of your income, wage slips etc can be provided at a later date). 


What Information/documents will the council require?


In order for the Council to ensure that they are paying the right benefit, to the right person, and at the right time, they will ask for evidence to support your claim, for example proof of:- 

  • Your identity and National Insurance number (and partner’s)
  • Your rent
  • Where you live
  • Your income (and partner’s)
  • Savings & Investments (you may still qualify even if you have savings)
  • Occupational pension (and partner’s)
  • Circumstances of other people who live with you


How is your benefit calculated?


The amount of benefit you will receive depends on:

  • How much rent and or council tax you are due to pay
  • Your (and your partner’s) weekly income
  • Any savings and investments you (and your partner) have
  • Your age and the age of any member of the family who lives with you
  • The number of bedrooms in your home compared to your family composition.


How is it paid?


Housing Benefit is paid 4 weekly.

In most circumstances Glasgow City Council will pay your Housing Benefit direct to your landlord if your home is owned by a Housing Association like Cassiltoun.

Cassiltoun Housing Association is a Registered Scottish Charity No. SC035544
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